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These two folders are combined to create the items you see on your Start menu. Windows 7 and 10: Open the Start Menu Folders by Browsing to Them in File Explorer. You can always get to the Start folders on your system in File Explorer. Just fire it up and head to one of the following locations (tip: you can copy these locations and paste them into the File Explorer address bar). Here's the location for the global Start folder for all users: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu Shortcuts can be created on the desktop, on the start menu, and on the quick launch. However, in Windows 8.x there is no traditional start menu, and there is no quick launch on the Taskbar. See example below. So what does it mean to create a start menu shortcut and a quick launch shortcut in a Windows 8.x environment I had previously pinned an executable to the start menu (right clicked on it and selected pin to start). Now that executable has been deleted therefore the shortcut is invalid. I am trying to remove the shortcut but I cannot find any obvious way to do so. If you right click on a valid shortcut, there is an option to unpin The <StartMenuDir> element specifies the name of the default program group for the product in the Windows Start menu. The <TargetDir> element specifies that the default target directory is located in the IfwExamples directory in the home directory of the current user (because the predefined variable @HomeDir@ is used as a part of the value)

To get This PC shortcut on the 'Start Menu', turn ' ON' the toggle button for ' File Explorer ' 'This PC' Icon Appears On 'Start Menu' Turning the 'File Explorer' button to ON mode instantly adds This PC shortcut to the left-side pane of the Start Menu You can use the Shift+F 10 shortcut to access the right-click context menu for the selected tile, group, or folder. Make The Start Menu Wider and Taller - Ctrl + Arrow Keys. You can customize the width and height of the Start Menu. To do so, click and drag the edge of the Start menu with your mouse to make it taller or shorter, or wider Source: Windows Central. You can also open the Start menu and then use the Ctrl + arrow keys keyboard shortcut to change the height and width. For example, you can use the Ctrl + up arrow key. As such, there is a rule that mandates the Start Menu will only display one (1) instance of each shortcut based on the executable path. What this means in English is that while you can specify c:\windows\system32\calc.exe multiple times, the Start Menu will only ever honour 1 instance of it How to Create a Shortcut to an Application To do this the easy way, open Windows 10's Start menu. Look for the application you want to use by scrolling through the Apps list at the left side of the menu. If it's in the tiles list at the right side of the menu, you can also drag it from there

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  1. Now, open the run dialog box with Win + R, type shell:start menu in the blank field, and click on the Ok button. 5. This action will open the start menu folder. In the start menu folder, find and go to the Programs folder
  2. alphanumeric I use a shortcut, pinned to my taskbar and start menu. I did Reboot. Any Ideas or help ? Thank You Rick. Usually when I pin something to the Start menu it ends up at the bottom of the list of Tiles so I click it to drag back up to the top of that list
  3. Start Menu 8 is known to be one of the most successful software products. It was developed for those who use Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems. Whether you would like to get a clickable area that resembles the classic startup menu of Windows 7 or the more stylish look of the Windows 8 menu, your desire will be satisfied
  4. # This installs two files, app.exe and logo.ico, creates a start menu shortcut, builds an uninstaller, and # adds uninstall information to the registry for Add/Remove Programs # To get started, put this script into a folder with the two files (app.exe, logo.ico, and license.rtf - # You'll have to create these yourself) and run makensis on it # If you change the names app.exe, logo.ico, or license.rtf you should do a search and replace - they # show up in a few places
  5. I found a broken shortcut on my account's Start Menu program list, located all the way on the bottom. Right-clicking and uninstalling doesn't do anything. I tried some of the solutions found online and most of them don't work. Is there any way for me to
  6. Faster & More Accurate File Search. To avoid of suffering from long time searching in start menu, Start Menu 8 optimized its search engine. Then with 20% faster search speed, Start Menu 8 can provide search results in less time, and the accurate results avoid of repeatedly typing keywords for the same file
  7. You can press the Windows key on the keyboard or Ctrl+Esc keyboard shortcut to open the Start menu. Tip If you're more familiar with Apple computers, you can think of the Start menu as the Apple menu

To add a new file, or document, shortcut to the Start menu, you should right-click a file in File Explorer to open its context menu. Then select Copy from the menu. Open the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder again, and press the Paste shortcut option on the toolbar.. When you press that, it might state, Windows can't create a shortcut here Note: If you want to Pin a Program in Start Menu, Refer this article: How to Pin a Program to Start menu via Group Policy. Steps to add start menu shortcut via Group Policy. 1. Open the Group Policy Management console by running the command gpmc.msc. 2. Expand the tree and right-click on the OU you want this policy to be applied to Instead, it creates only a Start Menu application entry. But don't panic thinking your MSIX shortcut is missing, or something went wrong with your application. From MSIX perspective, Start Menu entries are managed via AppxManifest.xml and below you can find an example of how the Application section should look like within the AppxManifest.xml Here is a quick tip for users who've just upgraded to Windows 10 and wondering how to assign shortcut keys for Start menu shortcuts in All apps, as well as for Pinned items.Click Start, click All apps. Locate and right-click the shortcut for which you want to assign a shortcut You can manually move, create and delete Start menu shortcuts to restore some order to your PC. Under the hood, Windows relies on the same Start menu shortcut storage system as all older releases

The default Start menu, especially on Windows 10 Pro, is far from enterprise ready right? Take a look at this mess: Windows 10 Pro 1809 default Start menu. Over-the-air provisioning of PCs via Windows AutoPilot & Azure AD, Microsoft Intune (or insert your MDM solution here), limits the possibilities of customising the target PC before the user. Download Start Menu Manager from Github. Install the app. Run Start Menu Manager. Click 'Add Shortcut'. Open/Expand the new shortcut. Open the 'Shortcut type' dropdown, and select the item type (file, folder, app) that you'd like to create a shortcut for. Enter a name for the shortcut in the 'Shortcut Name' field Ctrl+Esc, U, Enter: Shutdown Windows (XP and earlier) This is a keyboard sequence, so let's understand it in order: Ctrl+Esc opens the Start menu. (Instead, you could use the Windows key .) Pressing the u key selects whichever menu item has an underlined u Click Generate Shortcut. A Command Prompt window will open and close. When it closes, the shortcut has been created. To pin the shortcut, open the Start Menu. Go to the Apps' list. Expand the 'SMM Shortcuts' folder. Locate the shortcut you just created, and right-click it. Select 'Pin to Start'. Creat icon fil This Start Menu program acts as a shortcut that will open the Start Menu just as if you had pressed CTRL+ESC in Windows 7 or Vista. Note You can copy and use the Start Menu.exe file below in any user account (administrator or standard) to open the Start Menu in that user account

How To: Create a Shortcut on the Start Menu

Display shortcut menu for selected item: SHIFT + F10; Select more than one item on the desktop or in a window, or select text in a document: SHIFT + any arrow key; Open a submenu or the next menu to the right: Right arrow; Open a submenu or the next menu to the left: Left arrow; Tabs And Window Branch out, User Configuration, Preferences, Windows Settings, Shortcuts, New Shortcut. The new Shortcut window will now appear. In my example we are going to create a desktop icon and a start menu icon for Microsoft Word 2010. To create the Word icon in the desktop we need the following data to be inputted into the shortcut window How To Pin Items To The Start Menu Pinned items are shortcuts which appear on the left pane of the Start Menu until they are manually removed. You can pin shortcuts found anywhere on your Desktop, Start Menu or Taskbar and any executable file of any application. To pin a shortcut, right click on it and then select 'Pin to Start Menu' Start Menu X with Start Button. Start Menu X is a replacement of the system menu for professionals. Compatible with Windows 10 Power users know how inconvenient and time-consuming it is to launch programs from the system menu. We have created a solution for you! Virtual Groups From your Steam library, right click on a game and select Create Desktop Shortcut. You can then drag the shortcut onto your Start Menu. If you just drop it here, it will become pinned to the Start Menu, and you can access it quickly. If you hold your cursor over All Programs for a couple of seconds, the menu will expand

Right click this box and select Copy in the drop down menu or use the shortcut Ctrl+C. 2 Right click on the start button and select Explore. By clicking Explore, a window for the Start Menu will open up Click the Start button and then click the words All Apps in the menu's lower-left corner. The Start menu presents an alphabetical list of all your installed apps and programs. Right-click the item you want to appear on the Start menu; then choose Pin to Start. Repeat until you've added all of the items you want Next, create a shortcut to Skype or make a copy of the shortcut that is already in the Start menu. support.skype.com Créez ens ui te u n raccourci v ers Sk ype ou co pi ez l e raccourci q ui s e trou ve déjà da ns le menu Démarrer

The Start Menu from Windows 10 has all its tiles and shortcuts organized in groups. By default, you see only a few groups, like Life at a glance or Play or Explore, but you can create more.In this article, we show you how to create new groups of tiles and shortcuts in the Start Menu, how to move tiles and shortcuts from one group to another, and how to delete a group In that case, double-click (Quick Menu) in the notification area on the desktop to bring the Shortcut Menu to the front. After bringing the Shortcut Menu to the front, it is recommended that you move it to a place where it does not overlap with the Windows Sidebar Unzip the attached zip file. It contains two files - one called startMenu.vbs. This will open your start menu if you double click it. The second called startMenuShortcut will run the program as a shortcut if you copy the first file into the root directory of your C drive and place the shortcut on your desktop. View attachment 1596

Microsoft Teams - No Start Menu Item or Shortcut. by PassRusher. This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. on Oct 16, 2018 at 14:38 UTC. Solved Microsoft Office 365. The start menu settings offer a wide variety of other shortcuts that can be added to the start menu. Other shortcuts that can be added to the start menu include: File Explorer, Settings, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos & Network. Any of these shortcuts can be enabled or disabled on the start menu by following the steps above The Start menu is a graphical user interface element used in Microsoft Windows since Windows 95 and in some other operating systems.It provides a central launching point for computer programs and performing other tasks. It has different names in different operating systems and window managers, such as Kickoff Application Launcher in KDE, Dash in GNOME and Unity, and Start screen in Windows 8 In Windows 8, it can allow 2 level navigation on Start screen/ All apps. And yes, we have to create ProductX folders in the Start Menu folder. We must create shortcuts for both your XProduct folder and the sub items under this folder. For example: For local user, Under folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Program

List Shortcuts Under the Start Menu; Putting it all together - List Shortcuts and Targets; Another PowerShell Function Example; PowerShell Create Shortcut; List Shortcuts Under the Start Menu. Here is a break-down of the tasks for our project to list all the shortcuts found on the Start Menu Though Microsoft intended the Start menu to provide program and function tiles, you can indeed deliberately create a shortcut tile to a file. The shortcut tile will be marked as a shortcut in its name. 1. Create the shortcut to the file on the Desktop. There are several ways to do this. One way is: - Locate the file in its folder. Right-click Copy

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[Tip] Add This PC or File Explorer Shortcut to Windows 10 Start Menu - Last updated on March 31, 2018 by VG. When we install Windows 10 in a computer or when we purchase a new device containing Windows 10 operating system, we find This PC or File Explorer (previously known as My Computer or Windows Explorer) shortcut on Desktop as well as on Taskbar Create a start menu shortcut using the WScript.Shell comobject.PARAMETER Version Output version of this script.PARAMETER Target This property is for the shortcut's target path only. Any arguments to the shortcut must be placed in the Argument's property. Path to the targe Shortcuts that will pinned to Start should be placed in \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. If you place executable files or scripts in the \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder, they will not pin to Start. Start on Windows 10 does not support subfolders. We only support one folder

How to add or remove folder shortcuts in Windows 10 Start menu

To pin a batch file (*.bat or *.cmd) file to the Windows 10 Start Menu or Taskbar: Right-click on the batch file and select Create Shortcut from the context menu.Rename the shortcut to the desired name that will appear in the Start Menu.Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties.In the Target: field, ad After I did so, my numbered shortcut appeared at the top of the Start menu, as shown in Figure F. Figure F The numbered shortcuts will appear at the top of the menu Method 6: How to Add This PC Shortcut to Windows 10 Start Menu? Click on windows start Button and click on setting. Inside setting click on Personalization. Then choose Start Option. Or you can directly type this command in Run command Prompt, This will directly take to the start personalization setting. ms-settings:personalization-start today i am going to show you how to make start menu shortcuts for your steam games in windows ten. I hope you enjoy the video, randomlinuxguy

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How To Pin A Microsoft Edge Shortcut On The Start Menu. When you're looking at an internet page with Microsoft Edge and you want to pin a Microsoft Edge shortcut on the start menu for that specific page, simply click the Hub icon (the three dot in the top-right corner of your Microsoft Edge window) and select Pin this page to start Put a Shortcut to a Program on the Windows 7 Start Menu . A huge benefit to customizing the programs that appear on your Start menu is the ability to instantly access them. Your desktop and taskbar, two of the areas most commonly associated with shortcuts, can quickly become overcrowded as you add icons. But the Start menu is not as visible as.

Creating Start Menu Shortcut with Orca Hi I have created an msi using the appdeploy repackager but need to be able to specify a folder in the start menu to have the shortcuts but the only options on the appdeploy are Desktop, Programs Menu and Quick launch where as I want the applications to show in Start Menu>>All Programs>>Application Name. The function icon is added to the Shortcut Menu. Note. You can save up to eight function icons to each side of the Shortcut Menu. Alternatively, in the Main Menu, right-click the function icon you want to add, then click Add to Shortcut Menu in the displayed menu to add it Double-click on it and it'll launch old Microsoft Edge without any issue. Now you can right-click on the application and select Pin to Start, Pin to Taskbar or Create Shortcut option to add its shortcut to Start Menu, Taskbar or Desktop To prevent macros from automatically running, hold down SHIFT while you start Excel. Note If you start Excel from the Office Shortcut Bar, click the Microsoft Excel button on the Office Shortcut Bar first, and then immediately hold down SHIFT while Excel starts

How to Open the Start Menu Folder in Windows 7 or 1

Sep 07, 2016 · Oddly, though it sometimes - not always -disappears from the start menu itself, the shortcut icon is still in the programs folder. (With all due respect to the fact that this is not the technically correct way to deal with program uninstallation shortcuts in Windows) - Steve Mar 28 '19 at 22:33 There is a way to manually create shortcuts to steam games that you can put anywhere though, including the start menu. Here are the steps: Open Steam, right click on the game in your library, and choose Create Desktop Shortcut Right click on the new shortcut, go to Properties, and then copy the 'URL' section According to lifehacker, one of the best new features of Windows 10 is the start menu. By adding internet shortcuts to your start menu you can have faster access to your favorite sites. If you use Microsoft Edge, check out our other post for adding an edge shortcut to your start menu. If you use Google Chrome, follow the instructions above If your Start Menu refuses to work properly, then there are other methods you can use to resolve the problem. The issue might be connected with corrupted Windows files. Right click on the shortcut, pin to start appears, and click. 5. The icon appears on the start menu. Use as you wish, put it in a folder just like you did with Edge. 6. Go. The first element is Shortcut and it creates the actual shortcut in the Start Menu. The Id attribute is a unique id for the shortcut. The Name attribute is the text that will be displayed in the Start Menu. The description is an optional attribute for an additional application description. The Target attribute points to the executable to launch.

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Create Start Menu Shortcut is enabled by default. Disable this option to exclude the application from the user's Start Menu, and to prevent the user from adding such a shortcut using the Workspace Preferences tool. If the application will be pinned to the Start Menu on Microsoft Windows 10, it is strongly recommended to enable this option Desktop and Start menu shortcuts are links to different items. It can be to a program, file, folder, another computer, etc. Here is a quick way to create a Desktop and Start menu shortcut in Windows 8 In Windows 10, you can't drag a .exe (or a shortcut) into the Start Menu anymore. So if you've installed a program and it didn't create an entry in Start, or if you've downloaded a standalone .exe you want to add to Start, the easiest way would be to right-click your program and choose Pin to Start To configure Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts via GPO edit or create a new GPO. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Citrix Receiver -> SelfService -> Manage App Shortcut

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Create Start Menu Shortcut (All Programs) for Current User. The below C# method creates Start Menu >All Programs shortcuts to open Application settings UI and Uninstall setup shortcut. The function call of Environment.GetFolderPath gives current user's profile path, so the created shortcuts will be available only in current user's Start Menu (All Programs) location In the past few years, the Windows Start menu has been dangled in front of us and taken away more times than we can count, but it's finally back—and it's brought a lot of new tricks. For the. I cannot seem to get rid of the Shortcut in the Start Menu or even in Control Panel without manually uninstalling on each individual machine. OneDrive Shortcut There is an administration template for OneDrive for Business but this is for the version that comes with Office 2016/365 In the list of applications, select the app and then click the Start Menu and Start Menu (P) check boxes and click Update shortcut(s). A possible use case for this scenario could be if your users have gotten used to accessing everything via desktop shortcuts and don't have the need or demand for using the start menu or start.

The Remove common program groups from Start Menu setting is located under User Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Start Menu and Taskbar, as shown in the following screen shot: If the Remove common program groups from Start Menu setting is not enabled, you can fix this by running a repair of your installation of Microsoft Office Icons of Microsoft Edge profile shortcut in start menu (app list) and start menu (tiles) are different. If I paste profile shortcut in start menu (app list), it will show icon with profile picture but when I pin to start it will simply show Edge dev logo with profile picture Fortunately, you can add your own My Computer shortcut to the start menu. To add My Computer to the start menu, follow the below steps. Basically, you first need to add My Computer to desktop and then pin that My Computer shortcut to the start menu. Though a roundabout way, it works perfectly and can be achieved in just a few simple steps. Open. Method 1: Create a Desktop Shortcut 1. Open a command prompt window. You can get there by typing cmd into the Cortana / Search box and then right clicking on Command Prompt and selecting Run as.. How to pin a program shortcut to the start menu in Windows Vista and XP? Press on the start menu so it opens. Browse to find the program shortcut that you wish to pin to the start menu. Right click your mouse on your selection. See below I have right clicked on Notepad which is in Accessories. A menu will appear. Choose Pin to start menu. Now notepad will be pinned to the start menu

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As shown in the video, open any File Explorer window and type %appdata% to access your own, personal Start menu or %programdata% to access the common or shared Start menu. Whichever folder you access, you then need to browse to the Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu sub folder. Back to Start Menu Tweaks Back to Home Pag Add My Documents To The Start Menu The easiest way to add my documents to the start menu in Windows 10 is via the settings screen, which you can open by pressings the Windows logo key + i on your keyboard. This keyboard combination will open up your Windows 10 settings screen

Alternatively referred to as Control Esc and C-Esc, Ctrl+Esc is a shortcut key that opens the Start menu in Microsoft Windows. How to use the Ctrl+Esc $objShell = New-Object-ComObject ( WScript.Shell ) $objShortCut = $objShell.CreateShortcut($env:USERPROFILE + Start Menu\Programs\Startup + \program.lnk ) $objShortCut.TargetPath( path to program ) $objShortCut.Save( Add shortcut to Start menu DRH192 (Programmer) (OP) 9 Oct 08 05:33. All, I have a small app, built in MS Access that has a front end. In order to keep the front end up to date on each machine, I have a desktop short cut that points to a VBS file that will copy the latest version of the front end to their machine Go to Start and right click All Programs and click Open. Go into the Programs folder and copy the shortcuts to there. p.s. If the shortcuts are exactly the same (same parameters), Windows will add a (2) to the second shortcut but shouldn't overwrite it. C Select the Start tab on the left, and then click the Choose which folders appear on Start link on the right. Switch the toggle button under File Explorer to On. It'll add File Explorer (also known as This PC) shortcut to left-side pane of Start Menu. That makes it easier to access File Explorer from Windows 10 Start Menu

Advanced Startup Options is also where you access Startup Settings, the menu that includes Safe Mode, among other startup methods that could help you access Windows 10 or Windows 8 if it is having problems starting.In other words, Advanced Startup Options functions as the Windows 8 or Windows 10 boot menu We bake cookies in your browser for a better experience. Using this site means that you consent. Read Mor

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4 thoughts on Pin RDP Shortcut to Start Screen tjoec July 29, 2013 at 12:41 pm FYI - There is now a Windows 8 app for this, but this is still a good trick because of the added function Download a Shortcut that Opens the Start Menu in Windows This Start Menu program acts as a shortcut that will open the Start Menu just as if you had pressed CTRL+ESC in Windows 7 or Vista.You can copy and use the Start Menu.exe file below in any user account (administrator or standard) to open.. Create a desktop/start menu shortcut to a specific URL This PowerShell script sample creates a shortcut to a Web App using the default browser, and has been designed to be deployed using Intune. Unlike the default 'web link' deployment in Intune, which is limited to deploying web apps to the start menu using the default browser's

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